Strategic and Operational Demand Forecasting

These include:

  • Identification of meter configuration issues and other data errors.
  • Automated data validation and infilling.
  • Forecasting of daily and diurnal demand.
  • Modelling of seasonality and weather influences.
  • Online, automated demand forecasting within our MISER software.

We have developed our long-term household consumption forecasting framework for you which is recommended in the UK Water Resource Planning Guidelines. 

Our strategic demand forecasting work comprises of:

  • Modelling and forecasting household consumption.
  • Research into customer behaviour and incorporation within forecasts.
  • Econometric modelling and forecasting of non-household consumption.
  • Modelling metering, tariffs and water efficiency impacts.
  • Analysis of peak water demand and other critical periods.
  • Scenario analysis and stochastic forecasting.
  • Presentation of information to regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.