Tynemarch Consulting

We have over 30 years’ experience within the water industry of delivering high-quality, innovative consultancy and research services. This has included optimising operations, investment planning and regulation.

We offer many different Consultancy Services at Servelec Technologies applicable in a range of sectors and scenarios. Why not review our services for yourself?

Our specialist consultancy services include:

At Servelec Technologies we use advanced techniques to model your failure rates and performance deterioration of physical assets, and the expected consequences of failure.

Asset deterioration modelling

At Servelec Technologies we can provide you with expert consultancy support if you are looking to develop and improve your asset management strategy in the context of ISO 55000.

Asset Management Strategy

At Servelec Technologies our best practice guidelines have been extensively utilised by the UK Water Industry.

Customer Consumption Monitoring

At Servelec Technologies we have extensive experience in developing metering strategies for the UK water Industry.

Customer Metering and Tariff Strategies

At Servelec Technologies we have been helping companies like yourself since the 1990’s to develop long-term plans for well-targeted, effective minimum-cost Capital Maintenance.

Data Hierarchies and Asset Data Survey Support

At Servelec Technologies our extensive experience working with the UK Water Industry and its regulators has meant we have valuable experience in all aspects of leakage economics.

Economic Leakage Strategy Development 

At Servelec Technologies we have extensive experience in running FMECA workshops for use in your investment planning.

Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis Studies

At Servelec Technologies we routinely model night consumption of both households and non-households for a number of UK Water Industries.

Night Use Estimation and Improved Leakage Targeting

At Servelec Technologies we apply our Totex approach to planning your assessment management.

Operational Maintenance Optimisation and Totex Modelling 

At Servelec Technologies we understand that minimising interruptions to water supply is fundamental to companies like yourself.  This is something we can help you with.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

At Servelec Technologies we have led the UK water industry in the use of analytical and statistical techniques to extract your business value from corporate datasets.

Statistical Analysis Services, Data Mining and Analytics

At Servelec Technologies we can offer you extensive experience in the modelling and forecasting of water demand to facilitate optimal network operation.

Strategic and Operational Demand Forecasting

At Servelec Technologies we routinely support you in reconciling your water balances including the development of strategies to reduce sources of uncertainty and bias in the estimates. 

Water Balance Reconciliation Analysis 

At Servelec Technologies we can offer you our extensive experience of water resources strategic planning across a wide range of areas.

Water Resources Studies

At Servelec Technologies we know how challenging it is to react to unknown outages in your complex water supply system whilst maintaining your levels of customer service.

Water Supply System Failure (Outage) Consequence Modelling