SCOPE-X Telemetry & SCADA

SCOPE-X is a feature rich Telemetry and SCADA product that is scalable from small plant control installations to the management of an entire organisations control systems.

The SCOPE-X family of products for Telemetry and SCADA provide continuous monitoring and control of your asset estate. Optimum reliability is achieved through robust software design, utilising high levels of redundancy supported by low maintenance needs.

Telemetry and SCADA data is an important source of information to your business. Our solutions collect and add value to asset performance data by integrating this with other sources of information, giving a complete holistic view of operations. Integration with ERP systems, such as SAP, allows PAS55 asset alignment, automatic alarm and work packet dissemination, providing facilities for Telemetry and SCADA to orchestrate operations and support the calculation of the total cost of asset ownership.

SCOPE-X also supports the overlay of real-time data on GIS (Graphical Information System), such as SAP and Esri. The SCOPE-X flexible system architecture allows deployment from a simplex single site SCADA through to enterprise wide systems. The flexibility and modular design allows SCOPE-X to be quickly adapted to meet new requirements, thereby allowing your investment in Telemetry and SCADA to grow and support your business now and in the future.

Levering on the investment made in Telemetry and SCADA through integration into Management Information Systems allows all users throughout the business to access important real-time data to make accurate, informed decisions; supporting you to support your customers.

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SCOPE-X Comprises of:

Nexus - the SCOPE-X Telemetry and SCADA database server from Servelec Technologies.

Nexus Products

Intuition - enhanced alarms for the SCOPE-X Telemetry and SCADA system from Servelec Technologies.

Intuition Products

Prism  - the SCOPE-X User Interface family from Servelec Technologies.

Prism Products

Artisan -  the SCOPE-X configuration management solution.

Artisan Products