Nexus is the SCOPE-X Telemetry Database server, providing monitoring for items of plant and remote data collection Outstations. Subject to the capabilities of the remote Outstations / RTU's / PLC's.

Nexus is the core of the SCOPE-X family of telemetry applications. Nexus provides a highly resilient, efficient and flexible platform to scan, control and integrate data from a wide range of industry standard PLC’s and RTU’s.

Nexus flexibility allows it to be used to monitor and control the smallest simple process, through to regional telemetry and enterprise SCADA, allowing a true integrated ‘one vision’ of the business estate.

Nexus is scalable, ranging from a single instance up to 250 separate servers, with multiple redundancy capability from simplex, to a duty server with 7 hot standby servers. Intelligent data handling ensures data integrity through multiple buffering ensuring data is delivered to connected systems.

Nexus is designed to be efficient. Interserver communications and processes allows Nexus to be deployed on existing wide area networks and the low bandwidth requirements provides true high availability with geographic separation.

Intelligent client connection handling and security allows Nexus to meet national guidelines giving the peace of mind that critical business data is secure.

Quality of data is key to your business success. Nexus delivers that data, ensuring your business delivers too.

Real time data management

Data retrieved from the RTUs or PLCs is checked on arrival on an event basis for alarm conditions, determined by a single change or a complex evaluation of conditions and values.

The data is written into the real-time memory resident Nexus Telemetry database, along with time stamp and any quality information.  Any Prism User Interfaces with an ‘interest’ in this data are updated automatically.

Alarm occurrence is flagged to the operator on the User Interface mimics or by audible annunciation.  A list of currently outstanding alarms is maintained including full details of the alarm progress.  All alarms are sent to the archive server as a long-term record.

Further processing of RTU/PLC data can also be performed by bespoke application programs and entries in the archive database for later trending and analysis.

Nexus servers strictly control access to many of its facilities, particularly access to control actions.

Engineer level access allows suitably trained individuals to access configuration and other facilities but do not automatically grant access to controls.

Nexus is configurable on-line, with no interruption to its monitoring and control functions.

Nexus is designed for a very high level of resilience; providing hot changeover with a duty / (multiple) standby architecture.

The Duty server updates all standby servers following any data or configuration change, such that the standby servers will always contain the most up to date configuration and data. 

In the event of a duty computer failure, a nominated standby server will automatically assume the duty role.  If the main duty machine becomes available again, then the standby machine will update the duty with the latest configuration and data. 

The control of this changeover is automatic and transparent to the workstation operator

Archiving Data Management

Telemetry data arrives is archived as it arrives. This Archive data is typically recorded into the Nexus Archiver or alternatively can be passed to one of many supported 3rd party databases such as SQL server, Oracle or PI.

Data can be accessed transparently from any archive database as required for display within the SCOPE-X Prism environment or reports.

Data can be maintained On-line and older data may be copied to offline media.  The amount of data kept On-line is limited only by the size of disk storage available.  On-line data is readily available to the operators for reports, trends and displays.

The Archiver can be configured for resilient Duty/Standby operation

Key Capabilities

  • High availability, ultra resilient, scalable Telemetry and SCADA.
  • Real-time memory resident database for mission critical systems.
  • High availability, high speed local archiving.
  • Asset centric view of data and displays.
  • Feature rich alarm system.
  • Real-time data archiving/streaming to multiple destinations.
  • Comprehensive driver support for both PLC’s and RTU’s.
  • Role based access with Kerberos authentication and active directory options.
  • A wide choice of operating system platforms and RDBMS.

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