Intuition extends the core SCOPE-X Alarm System, and provides advanced features to efficiently manage and track all reported alarms from inception to resolution, ‘birth-to-death’.

Product Benefits

It is an effective alarm management solution that provides you with:

  • Rapid identification of alarm problems in real-time.
  • Secure access to alarm information.
  • Extensive logging and audit.
  • Interaction with a rota system, either dedicated or Corporate HR System.
  • Proactive overdue alarm escalation and annunciation.
  • Alarm re-annunciation for out of hours incidents
  • Targeted alarm delivery.
  • Varied and flexible alarm delivery methods.
  • ‘man on site’ alarm management / proactive alarm recognition
  • Management of non-Telemetry alarms
  • Custom views clearly highlight the alarms allocated to different people.
  • Alarms can be parked if they cannot be dealt with immediately.
  • Integrated for Incident Management facilities.
  • KPI Reporting aids operational analysis.

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