TBox TWinSoft

TWinSoft is an industrial software for the programming and configuration of all TBox RTUs. It consists of programming tools as well as personalised development tools for equipment manufacturers and integrators (through Microsoft Automation).

Product Benefits

Save time (and therefore money) by using TWinsoft to setup, configure, debug and update outstation configurations all in an extremely simple yet powerful interface. This is immediately familiar for the LD programmer as well as being very intuitive for the novice programmer. A combination of mouse and keyboard commands is all that is needed to complete incredible developments.

TWinSoft contains a complete set of tools, such as editor, debugging tools, code generator, documentation generator, library manager, archiver, and online control. Nothing could be easier than adding lines or comments, duplicating entire parts of the program, or creating new variables, modules, and macros.

Reduce your design time by directly using libraries of predefined functions and subprograms in which you will find powerful control functions (PID), mathematical functions and conversions, and Boolean functions.

Rapidly perfect your programs using dynamic analytical tools: online ladder display, states of timers, meters and internal registers, locally or remotely in complete security. For programmers who are more at ease with high-level languages, programming in BASIC is also available.

Whether your application requires a few lines of programming or several thousand, your automation specialists will quickly learn TWinSoft. Specific attention has been paid to the quality of online help, available in English, French and German.

TWinsoft Configuration

Product Specifications

Define your stations (Inputs/Outputs, Communications), your alarms (type, messages, calendar), your data logging, the information and select its criteria for filing your interface screens for the operator terminals

Create, modify, and quickly debug your automation program presented in the form of a IEC61131-3 Ladder diagram and basic (structured text).

Analyse locally or remotely the status of your stations:

- to list the alarms that have appeared and their status
- to list the contents of the different archives
- to diagnose the status of the automation.

Update (directly and without hardware manipulation) the software versions of your various stations.

WebForm Studio 2.0
This is the industry's first HMI software utility that provides compatible, organization-wide human machine interface (HMI) displays spanning smart phones, tablets, and PCs. Now users can build Web interfaces that keep everyone informed—from technicians on-site to operators to management on the go.

Report Studio
The tool for creating statistical reports containing dynamic and historic data and exporting them to an e-mail server or to an Internet portal (FTP server). The software also creates files in XML format containing dynamic data to be sent to an Internet portal.


- Tags configuration.
- Resources definitions.
- IP Paremeters (servers, Dyn DNS, …).
- IP Cyber Security configuration.
- Programs (ladder and basic).
- Alarms definitions.
- Data Logging configuration.
- Modbus Transactions.
- Periodic Events.
- WebForm Studio.
- Report Studio.