Built within every TBox device is Servelec Technologies’ 30 years of experience in the telemetry industry. TBox products can provide everything you need to create high-performing yet economical SCADA and control applications for critical functions. The TBox range of scalable products also includes state-of-theart, user-centric software packages and additional hardware to transform your measurement and control aspirations into time and cost saving solutions.

Servelec Technologies’ TBox MS features ‘plug and go’ technology, allowing you to distribute your full site configuration on an SD card or via USB connection, enabling your maintenance team to deploy it without switching on a computer. The TBox MS system includes:

Onboard web server technology

Real-time access to alarm management logs

Ability to connect multiple clients to the same TBox MS device

Intelligent alarm management

Built in cyber security suite

A robust, all-alloy construction

Welcome to the web generation of telemetry. TBox MS provides:

  • Real-time remote access and control of your site, using the latest web server technology.
  • Multi-communications capability to suit virtually any process.
  • Innovative push technology for instant notifications, allowing you to keep key people informed and reduce overheads.
  • Access to historical data and trending charts anytime, anywhere.


  • Industrial grade RTU.
  • 32 bits ARM9, 400 MHz processor.
  • 32MB NR Flash, 64MB DDR2 SDRAM, 1MB SRAM memory.
  • 3XUSB, Ethernet, Serial (RS-232/RS-485)
  • LinuxRT OS.
  • SCADA compatible (TView, InTouch, iFix, SCOPE etc.

Servelec is a market-leading global provider of end-to-end hardware and software products and systems.

We deliver efficiency savings to customers’ business operations, by creating systems to collect, communicate and exploit data. Servelec Technologies can supply a true end-to end automation and optimisation solution using our state-of-the art RTUs, secure SCADA and telemetry platform and suite of business optimisation SaaS solutions. Click here to download the TBox MS product brochure




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