Our Kingfisher RTU brings an advanced, automation technology platform to SCADA applications. Strengths across-the-board mean that systems implementers won’t be distracted making trade-offs due to product limitations.

The Kingfisher Series combines the benefits of advanced processor and software technologies with the reliability of proven I/O modules and communications options. The result is an easy-to-configure remote terminal unit that achieves exceptional performance. By minimising risks, it enables project completion, on time and on budget.

Kingfisher features a broad communications compatibility with a complete array of hardware options plus over 70 protocols provide for network compatibility. Also, thanks to an enhanced DNP3 Protocol Suite with broad DNP3 support (including DNP Master in the RTU) it allows users to take complete advantage of the power of this protocol Security platform.

Kingfisher Plus is a modular platform that has been designed for today’s automation and SCADA systems.

Kingfisher Plus

A powerful solution for low-power monitoring, control and data logging applications


Key Features:

High-performance processing platform

32-bit CPU works with intelligent communications and I/O modules to meet scanning and throughput requirements

Open, programmable automation environment

Based on ISaGRAF version 5, Toolbox Plus+ supports all IEC 61131-3 languages.

Rich function block library

A result of our extensive SCADA experience, pre-engineered function blocks provide invaluable programming short-cuts

Broad communications compatibility

A complete array of hardware options plus over 70 protocols provide for network compatibility