Remote Telemetry Products

We can engineer and manufacture a great range of Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) that allow you to collect data in a reliable and secure manner even in the remotest and harshest of places.

From their core, our range of RTUs are engineered for flexibility without compromising on the accuracy or reliability of your data. We set benchmark standards in a range of demanding sectors and industries.  Our modular and low-power RTU ranges, industry specific systems and software solutions give your engineers the tools to build and manage their projects in the way that suits your needs.

Our software technologies enable rapid configuration, testing, data-aggregation and full SCADA across our entire range.  Each Servelec RTU incorporates innovative security features which ensures trouble free deployment and operation including a secure and open platform.

Our experience in manufacturing highly flexible modular RTUs is unrivalled. We design our products to operate in the toughest environments on the planet.  From the harshest Alaskan winter, the middle of the Saharan summer or even the wettest Indian monsoon, you will find Servelec Technologies operating on your behalf quietly and reliably in the background.

Kingfisher RTU's bring an advanced, automation technology platform to SCADA applications. Strengths 'across the board' mean that systems any implementer won’t be distracted making trade-offs due to product limitations.

Kingfisher Range

Servelec’s Seprol range of Remote Telemetry Units (RTU's) are at the forefront of the SCADA and Telemetry sector for a wide range of industries.

Seprol Range

TBox telemetry systems are designed to leverage easy-to-use web technologies and inexpensive, public networks. They offer up to 50% less total installed cost per point versus traditional SCADA / PLC systems.

TBox Range