Asset Management Planning Software to optimise your expenditure and investment

What will help you plan your asset renewals programme?

Do you need asset management software that delivers tangible cost savings?
Do you need to know your investment in your network is best placed to deliver results?
Do you need to know the minimum investment required for the most beneficial outcome?
Do you need help to build your regulatory business plan?

Then you need PIONEER

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The Benefits of PIONEER

PIONEER is decision-support software which delivers optimal asset management planning. Under continuous development by Servelec Technologies, the software has delivered tangible benefits to clients over many years including:

  • Capital cost savings of over 10% due to optimisation of investment
  • Improved levels of service to customers and increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased funding through improved justification of needs
  • Consistent decision-making leading to more effective planning

What does PIONEER do?

PIONEER is highly flexible and user friendly. It produces optimal investment plans for future periods of typically one, five or 30 years and beyond including climate change scenarios. It allows you to decide how and when to refurbish or replace assets at minimum overall cost, across a single asset group or your entire company network. This investment is targeted to maximise benefits per unit cost and deliver increased levels of customer service. PIONEER provides your company with the tools required to effectively manage your assets and to justify with confidence future investment during regulatory price reviews and for budget planning.

Product Images

PIONEER can be used to determine the minimum
investment required to meet chosen levels of
service. It can also solve the problem of how best
to invest when there is a limit on expenditure as
PIONEER will identify a programme of interventions
to maximise service performance.

To find out more download the PIONEER brochure here 

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