OptiMISER is proven to reduce operating costs and improve security by continuously reviewing your network data, controlling pumps in the most efficient way and forecasting ahead with predictive modelling. OptiMISER helps you improve the service to your customers by:

Reducing energy costs and achieving OPEX savings

Whole system optimisation with better reporting providing business insight

Improving operational consistency, leading to a reduction in alarms

Reducing manual control activity

Giving prior warning of problems

Improvement in water quality

What does OptiMISER do?

OptiMISER helps you by automatically controlling pumps and valves in the network at the lowest cost, while maintaining the security of supply and ensuring that water quality targets and network constraints are met.

OptiMISER delivers these benefits by generating a holistic optimisation of the network based on a model which includes:

  • Cost data
  • Source yields
  • Abstraction licences
  • Nitrate blending
  • Outages
  • Pumping limits
  • Pressure limitations
  • Reservoir operating limits
  • Turnover constraints
  • Forecast demands

As water supply networks become more complex due to increased integration, degrading water quality and reduced abstraction licences you need a realtime system that you can trust to provide the optimal planning and control system for your network.

OptiMISER uses telemetry data to forecast demands throughout your network and determines the leastcost schedules, which satisfy operational constraints and targets then relays the pump and valve instructions back to a SCADA system for action.


OptiMISER’s sophisticated decision-making algorithms use all available data to enable a safe, efficient and cost-effective operation in a similar way to how a sat-nav device calculates the most efficient route for a journey based on the data it is given. The application helps you to plan ahead to avoid future problems, manages low reservoirs and outages and continually updates to provide you with a realtime dashboard displaying the status of your network.

Within this complex set of constraints OptiMISER controls the timing and selection of pumps, the selection of sources and the selection of flow routes to minimise operating costs. OptiMISER plans ahead to meet optimisation objectives providing a calmer and more consistent network operation with fewer reservoir alarms and water quality issues. It continuously forecasts network behaviour, warning of potential issues and reducing out-of-hours call-outs as a result of increased operator confidence. OptiMISER responds to potential problems by automatically shifting water around the network to maximise the use of storage and balance out deficits.

OptiMISER is supported by a full range of consultancy services to help you make the most of your data:

Servelec leads the water industry in the development of software to assist with business optimisation and asset planning.

In particular, we provide:

  • Data review and improvement
  • Modelling Services
  • Strategy advice
  • Development of deterioration and consequence models
  • Long term water resource and expenditure planning
  • Leakage management strategy support and advice
  • Demand analysis
  • Other associated consultancy to support network management and event response
  • Full support services

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OptiMISER is a proven energy management solution that reduces costs. Download the product brochure to find out more.

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