A real-time automated water network control system to optimise operational efficiencies and energy costs.

  • Do you need an energy management system that delivers 10% cost savings?
  • Do you need a way to safely, reliably and proactively manage your water network?
  • Do you want an automated real-time SAAS solution that continuously updates and optimises?
  • Do you need to plan ahead and mitigate risks?

Then let OptiMISER take control.

What does OptiMISER do?

OptiMISER is proven to reduce operating costs and improve the security of your network supply by continuously reviewing your network data, controlling pumps in the most efficient way and making forecasts using predictive modeliing. By automatically controlling pumps and valves at the the lowest cost, while maintaining security of supply OptiMISER ensures that water quality targets and network constraints are met, ultimately improving the service to your customers.

OptiMISER uses readily available telemetry data to forecast demands throughout your water network and determines the least-cost schedules, which satisfy operational constraints and targets then relays the pump and valve instructions back to a SCADA system for action.


Why use OptiMISER?

Aside from the typical OPEX savings of 10% per annum achieved by using OptiMISER and the whole system optimisation advantages the SAAS solution provides, OptiMISER helps you improve the service to your customers by:

  • Improving consistency and reducing alarms
  • Reducing manual control activity
  • Giving prior warning of problems and improving outage handling
  • Improving water quality
  • Improving asset and data management.

OptiMISER is a bespoke solution which is installed into each client's control room environment and then operates in a closed-loop; re-optimising in real-time and exporting pump and valve control instructions back to your network's telemetry system. This approach allows your operators to simply monitor the current and predicted behaviour of the network in the knowledge that the system is controlling your network in the most efficient way.


As featured in WWT Online, click the image above to read the article, Project Focus: Optimising the Wessex Grid.

Key Features

OptiMISER's sophisticated decision-making algorithms use all available data to enable safe, secure and efficient operation of your water network. OptiMISER delivers its benefits based on a model which includes:

  • Cost data and turnover constraints
  • Source yields
  • Abstraction licences
  • Nitrate blending
  • Outages
  • Pumping limits
  • Pressure limitations
  • Resevoir operating limits
  • Forecast demands

OptiMISER is proven to reduce operating costs by 10% per annum while improving the security of water network supply.

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OptiMISER is a real-time automated water network control system to optimise operational efficiencies and energy costs.

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