A highly configurable and flexible water network management advisory tool for optimal operational and resource planning.

Do you need to operate your water network at minimum cost within user-defined constraints?

Do you need to assess the yield of reservoirs and rivers, while considering climate change?

Do you need to demonstrate that you are using your resources optimally over a range of time horizons?

Do you need to manage your network risks, investment and network vulnerability effectively?

Then you need MISER.


With MISER, a number of UK water companies have demonstrated 10% potential cost savings per annum on their energy and chemical expenditure. Specifically, MISER helps water companies to:

  • Reduce operating costs taking into account all flow and licence constraints. Savings are made through the optimal selection and operation of network assets across an entire network.
  • Enhance security of supply through proactive management, as MISER plans ahead to meet future demands, refill reservoirs to target levels and minimise the impact of planned outages. 
  • Make informed investment scheme decisions and identify the minimum required capacities of new assets by optimising across a range of different horizons ranging from a few days to multiple years.
  • Manage network risks and vulnerabilities by performing behavioural simulation and yield analysis of water resource systems and analysis of the impact of outages on supply interruptions.

Models are user configured via a schematic interface, using a broad range of component and user-defined objectives and constraint types. The MISER advisory tool can be installed and operated locally or via a cloud service, and once trained, users can configure MISER independently with expert training and support provided by Servelec Technologies' team of skilled technicians, engineers and developers as required.

Modules of MISER

Production Planning

MISER's core function assists with monthly production planning and budgeting to plan source outputs, reservoir levels and key transfers over the medium-term based on user-configured objectives, expected demand, droughts, outages, current stock levels and seasonal variations in cost. Analysing a range of timeframes, MISER minimises costs, taking into account all expenditure between source and tap while maximising security of supply.


Pump Scheduling (PS)

Offline pump and valve scheduling optimises energy costs via tariff management and pump performance within user-defined constraints.


Water Resource Modelling (WRM)

Water Resource Modelling is used for preparation of water resource management plans which derive surface water deployable outputs under specified levels of service, taking account of drought control measures, demand restrictions, reservoir storage projections, conjunctive yields and climate change scenarios.


Failure Consequence Modelling (FCM)

During a failure, MISER extends the period of time before customers are affected and minimises the final number of customers impacted. It also models the consequences of outages, for example for capital maintenance planning.


Strategic Investment (SI)

The optimal scheme selection tool for investment planning takes into account scheme phasing, TOTEX and supply-demand balance at minimum NPV cost.


Strategic Risk

The strategic risk module incorporates Monte Carlo simulation to take account of uncertainty in forecasts by using randomly generated optimisation parameters, rather than pre-determined constraints. Optimisations are performed over many trials in which demands and inflows are sampled from user-defined statistical distributions.


Telemetry Linkage

Telemetry Linkage for validated data import for automatic initialisation of the model.


Source Tracking

Source tracking can track the flow of water through the network to identify populations which might be affected by a source contamination incident. MISER identifies which demands are fed by each source, and which source feeds each demand, so that the impact of different operation and investment options on customer water quality can be seen. Additionally MISER can identify which sources could potentially have caused an incident given the list of demands affected.


Probabilistic Inflow Sequence Generator

The PISG module generates synthetic inflow sequences that have formal significance (e.g. 1 in 100 years return period). Statistical distributions are automatically selected and fitted to streamflow data.


Time Delay

The time delay module is typically used for open channel flows with significant travel times.


High-level schematics

MISER enables the creation of multiple schematic models, subsets & visualisations

Key Features

  • A single modelling solution for both short and long-term analysis
  • Full user configurability
  • A schematic and menu-driven interface
  • An extensive range of constraint types and
    modelling facilities
  • Robust multi-objective optimisation
  • Step-by-step or whole horizon optimisation
  • Multi-user access via MS SQL Server
  • Client, managed and cloud hosting solution options

MISER is a highly configurable and flexible water network management advisory tool, used by the majority  of UK Water companies currently to solve a wide variety of operational and investment planning problems.

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MISER is a water network management advisory tool for optimal operational and resource planning.

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