Automated Network Event Identification to Improve your Customer Service Levels

What will help you to improve your customer service?

Do you need to reduce leakage, flooding or pollution incidents?
Do you need to respond quickly to emerging bursts, blockages or other network events?
Do you need to reduce costs?
Do you need to improve customer service and meet regulatory targets?

Then you need FlowSure

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The benefits of FlowSure

FlowSure is more than a simple leakage-detection system. FlowSure is self-learning anomaly detection software that helps to identify and predict network events to enable you to prevent rather than respond to major events.
Seamless integration with your RTUs, SCADA and telemetry systems is straightforward. FlowSure provides an additional layer of business optimisation intelligence to help you:

  • Reduce costs of contact handling, compensation, regulatory penalties
  • Meet and exceed regulatory targets
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Prevent major instances of flooding and leakage
  • Quickly find the source of bursts or flooding events
  • Manage multiple network events occurring simultaneously
  • Determine severity of network events from the control centre via telemetry data

 What does FlowSure do?

FlowSure’s self-learning capabilities provides autonomous network management support for your operations, control centre and other key areas of your business. FlowSure uses readily available real-time data and smart algorithms operating in an
Artificial Neural Network to automatically identify when a large burst or other significant event is happening, or is about to occur, in your network.

FlowSure is an innovative smart alarm system that, unlike other similar systems, learns the acceptable level of tolerance for any given signal. Rather than working to pre-set thresholds, the system teaches itself from pre-installed data what is and is not usual and acceptable within a network’s telemetry data. FlowSure then sets and continuously adapts its own thresholds and reports anomalies against these learnt behaviours.

This means that FlowSure can produce more accurate alarms, enabling maintenance teams to react proactively in a precisely targeted manner and more quickly – reducing costs, avoiding penalties and improving levels of customer satisfaction as an outcome.

To find out more download the FlowSure brochure here

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