Business Optimisation

We can offer you specialist consultancy services to support your assets in order to exceed your customers’ expectations and requirements. Which can be noted through our achievements within the water industry and other utilities to date.

Through our consultative approach we can work closely with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of your requirements.
Our principal software products available to you include:

Business Optimisation

Ensuring optimal water management. Decision-support tools for optimal water systems, operational management and resource planning.


Real-time automated water network control system to optimise operational efficiencies and energy costs.


Optimal expenditure planning for your physical assets. Browser-based decision-support software for developing optimal, risk-based, asset investment plans.


FlowSure is more than a simple leakage-detection system. FlowSure is self-learning anomaly detection software that helps to identify and predict network events to enable you to prevent rather than respond to major events.


TFlo - Natural Gas Flow Computer. Helping to Reinvent the Gas Flow Computer with our reliable technology.