Water & Waste Management

We can provide you with planning, resource and asset management, through to monitoring and control of supply systems and waste water treatment plants. Our integrated real-time optimisation systems can deliver you tangible operational and cost-saving benefits.

Our products provide you with continuous monitoring and control of your asset estate. Optimum reliability is achieved through robust software design, utilising high levels of redundancy supported by low maintenance needs. Our products allow you to capture the important information within your company to fulfil regulatory and ODI requirements and KPIs to meet your customers’ demands.

These include:

  • Reducing the number of potential pollution incidents and sewer flooding of homes.
  • Asset Intervention providing the ability to carry out remote resets reducing the number of call outs and reducing reactive costs.
  • Work and Asset Management integration to improve asset investment, support capital delivery and strategic planning.
  • GIS integration to provide visualisation of DMA zones against operational information.
  • Moving to proactive operations via targeted operations and maintenance.
  • Minimised Whole Life Costs through partnership working culture and long term relationships.
  • Supporting customer challenges for 'Private Sewers for Adoption' initiatives.
  • Targeting Leakage reduction through quality data presentation and dissemination.
  • Users throughout your company can access targeted real time data that meets their business needs helping them make accurate, and informed decisions. Thus providing you the ability to ensure quality and cost efficiencies and improve customer experience.