Why choose Synergy?

Over half of all local authorities in the UK use Synergy to help manage children's services.

The integration of Servelec Corelogic and the Synergy portfolio will deliver a seamless way of working for social care practitioners. Having an integrated solution results in lower cost of ownership as well as helping to ensure a consistent approach is adopted by all staff.  Local authority customers will benefit from partnering with a single supplier that offers the ‘best of breed’ product.

Synergy is flexible and easy to use

It's intuitive and quick to learn, so you can be up to speed quickly and spend more time doing what you do best.

It saves a lot of time 

Data can be easily and accurately recorded across a whole authority with no duplication and fewer errors.

It gives you the bigger picture

You can share data with multiple systems and agencies.

It's a sustainable system

Resources can be used more effectively and financial efficiencies gained - importantly, you can see which interventions and strategies are working well (and which are not!).

It's a cost effective solution

Synergy is very powerful and cost effective. We are helping local authorities to reduce costs over both the short and long term.

“One aim was to improve Management Information related to basic school data, this was achieved and what once took hours to compile is now reported on daily.”
ICT Data Manager, DEC, IoM Government 

Find out more about the Synergy modules here