Flow is an intuitive and functionality rich bed management solution. Its core functionality compliments and drives the patient journey, ensuring timelier responses and improved quality of care. In turn, this drives bed management and provides real time indicators of current bedstate right across the trust. Replacing traditional handwritten whiteboards, Flow is designed for large touch screen displays but will operate on any device connected to the trust network, including desktop PCs and tablets.

Productive Ward and Clinical Noting

Productive Ward has been introduced at many NHS trusts across the UK to increase the time spent directly caring for a patient. Under this initiative, whiteboard indicators were defined to provide a national standard. Where other whiteboard solutions define a range of bespoke clinical indicators, the Flow solution builds on the foundations of Productive Ward and uses the same icons that clinical staff already know. This is coupled with an intuitive design, which allows users to update these clinical indicators with the same simplicity as a physical whiteboard. Flow integrates seamlessly with Note to capture clinical indicators, notes, tasks and National Early Warning Scores (NEWS) and display these in real time.

Bed Management and Flow

Bed managers and flow co-ordinators have dedicated screens to review the 'hospital at a glance', to manage bed requests and transfers. Flow can interface with an existing PAS to handle admissions, discharges and transfers with bi-directional communication. Bed matching logic, based on gender and infection status, helps bed managers when allocating patients to beds; further improving efficiency and eliminating transcription errors. Key Performance Indicators provide real time statistics on bed state and email alerts can be automatically generated to push out notifications or reports as required. The Patient Flow view generates a timeline of all activities against a patient from admission to discharge, with a complete audit trail. This simple view offers a host of information with a single touch and can be seen from any device.

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