Servelec Group Plc confirms no systems were compromised by ransomware attack

As a trusted supplier to the NHS, local government and other providers of critical national infrastructure in the UK and globally, Servelec Group Plc is pleased to confirm that none of its systems were compromised by Friday’s malicious ransomware attack. No customer data or information was lost from a Servelec system, or through the hosted environment.

Whilst six of the 61 NHS Trusts currently reported to have been affected are Servelec customers, their RiO Patient Administration System (PAS) was not contaminated. Of the six Trusts affected, Servelec manages the hosting environment of RiO for four Trusts. The infection of these Trusts did not compromise the Servelec hosting environment and all RiO servers remain secure.

Throughout the attack and over the weekend, Servelec maintained a constant line of communication with its customers, including those in the healthcare sector and across its other industries such as utilities, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure, to keep them informed of the developing situation.

Alan Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Servelec Group Plc stated; "The response from Servelec’s team to Friday’s ransomware attack highlights the proactivity and quality of our people. I would like to thank everyone who played a part in minimising the effect of the attack on our customers to ensure minimal disruption to patient care. The agile and responsive hosting environment offered by Servelec allowed us to react promptly to the issue and to reassure our customers of the security of their system.”

In June 2016, Servelec successfully secured accreditation from the Cyber Essentials Scheme Test. The accreditation underpins Servelec’s role in supporting customers to manage the online security of their data across critical industries such as health and social care, utilities infrastructure and heavy industry.

Division: Servelec HSC