Why choose Servelec Healthcare

Servelec Healthcare specialises in the design, development and implementation of software within secondary care settings.  We are a market leader in both the Mental Health and Community Health sectors in England. Its software suite covers Electronic Patient Records (“EPR”), Patient Administration Systems (“PAS”), Patient Flow, Clinical Information Systems (“CIS”), and e-prescribing systems.

Servelec Healthcare’s products are RiO, Oceano, Flow and PICS. 

The RiO and Oceano products have been developed by Servelec Healthcare and are owned by the Group. These products are designed to operate across secondary care settings, including Acute Care hospitals, Community Care and Mental Health care, and support medical professionals in the delivery of converged care for all patients. This extends to information sharing in primary care through electronic integration with GP practices’ patient record systems.

RiO and Oceano are proven in their deployment and we believe RiO and Oceano have been successful because they have been developed in the UK in close collaboration with clinicians for use by clinicians and with long-term clinical care in mind. The products are purposed for the UK market, are highly configurable and cater for cross-care settings.

Flow is a bed management solution that’s intuitive, easy-to-use and functionally-rich. The touch-screen web application gives staff comprehensive, real-time indicators of bed availability, driving efficiency in the patient journey and making healthcare simpler.

PICS was developed by University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, one of the largest Acute Trusts in England, for use within its own organisation, and Servelec Healthcare has an exclusive reseller agreement to market and deploy PICS in the UK.

PICS is deployed at UHB and we believe that its functionality, such as helping clinicians save costs on prescriptions and reduce drug maladministrations, and its relevance to the current UK Government’s Safer Hospitals Safer Wards initiative should provide a powerful incentive for other Trusts to deploy the product in the future.

Servelec Healthcare’s team of over 100 skilled software engineers, clinical specialists and service management professionals is focused on providing information solutions and services to the NHS and private healthcare organisations and the business has over 20 years’ experience in developing clinically-driven, enterprise-wide solutions for everyday use. We estimate that Servelec Healthcare’s solutions are used by over 150,000 clinicians who support services available to approximately 25 per cent. of England’s population across, in aggregate, 59 Mental Health Trusts and Community Health Providers.



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