Servelec Controls have a long history of providing a range of critical services and systems to the UK's Power & Nuclear industries.

Servelec Controls Power & Nuclear works with the UK’s biggest energy operators to provide process control and safety systems that make essential tasks safer and simpler.

Servelec Controls is an expert in automation, providing a wide range of mission-critical applications to our clients throughout the UK. Our systems help keep people, resources and critical assets safe, automate potentially dangerous tasks and help operators plan decommissioning projects once an asset has reached the end of its operational life.

Our work includes:

Servelec Controls helps clients meet their aims and objectives by creating long-term plans for the safe, efficient and profitable running of assets.

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Our SQEP qualified personnel support our clients throughout the project life-cycle with a wide range of capabilities.

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Our comprehensive support services help our clients to maintain operational efficiency and extend the working life of key assets.

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About the industries we work in across Power, Nuclear and Defence

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