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Servelec Controls works with the UK’s biggest power & nuclear operators to provide control systems that make essential tasks more efficient, safer and simpler.

The UK relies on a large network of power stations to maintain a reliable flow of electricity to homes and industry. Over the coming decades, the demand for power is set to increase, with pressure on the power network to minimise the reliance on imported foreign power.

Servelec Controls Power & Nuclear works with coal, gas and nuclear power operators, as well as renewable energy sources, to increase efficiency, improve safety and automate potentially volatile environments. This also includes working to help reduce the UK's nuclear waste legacy in decommissioning. With increasing scrutiny from government bodies, safety groups and the general public, we help to ensure the UK continues to produce enough domestic power using the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

Servelec also has significant experience working on defence and renewable energy projects around the UK.

Servelec Controls works on projects in the power, nuclear and defence industries throughout the UK.

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Servelec Controls provides a range of critical services and systems to the UK's Power & Nuclear industries.

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Servelec Controls has a wide range of technical and managerial capabilities to support the Power, Defence and Nuclear industries. 

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Servelec Controls has worked on the UK’s largest Power & Nuclear sites over the last four decades

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