Real Time Information Systems

Servelec Controls provides a range of Information Systems solutions and services, which are used by oil & gas customers worldwide in the monitoring, analysis, automation and optimisation of their production processes.

Real-time Information Systems deliver timely and accurate plant information to the desktops of personnel in various disciplines, such as operations, process engineering, maintenance and quality, thereby ensuring that informed business decisions are made in a time frame that allows for their effects to be realised.

Our range of services spans consultancy and Front End Engineering Design (FEED), the design, development and implementation of project solutions, and ongoing support and continuous improvement services throughout the operational phase.

These services are built upon core offerings but are almost invariably tailored to the specific needs of our customers. By working in a co-operative manner, our personnel develop a keener understanding of our customers’ business environment, and our expertise is deployed in such a way that these needs can be addressed empathetically, effectively, and often innovatively.

Our experience and expertise include Process Information Systems, Data Reconciliation Systems and Optimisation Systems. These systems have been successfully deployed across the Oil & Gas industry, particularly in upstream and midstream contexts and have given our clients the capability to enhance both the effectiveness and the efficiency of their business.

In the mid-nineties Servelec selected OSIsoft’s PI System® as its platform of choice for Real-time Information Systems on the basis of its potential to address the increasingly high expectations for process systems to deliver major benefits to their business owners in real time. Since then the PI System has emerged as the world’s leading operational, event and real-time data management infrastructure and, in the Oil & Gas industry, has established itself as the de facto standard for business critical databases that store large quantities of historical process data reliably. The majority of Servelec’s Real-time Information Systems are now built around the PI System infrastructure.

Servelec Controls has a long standing and formal association with OSIsoft as a worldwide Systems Integration partner, providing:

  • Business and technical consultancy in the design of Real Time Process Management systems in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • PI System configuration
  • Interfacing of external systems to the PI System
  • Development of PI displays and reports
  • Development of layered applications

As a successful systems integrator, Servelec Controls has built an enviable reputation for technical excellence and services in the supply of high integrity systems for real-time control and information management.

The combination of such experience means that Servelec is well placed to benefit its clients by bridging the boundary between the traditional disciplines of Control & Instrumentation and Information Technology. Servelec can advise on, deliver, and support robust end-to-end solutions from data acquisition cabinets to office-based users’ desktops, taking account of all the relevant factors, including information security and cyber security.

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